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Welcome to Our World

a glimpse of what it's like to be multiple

15 January
We are survivors.
We have been through more in 24 years than some people experience in a lifetime.

We are very much anti-intergration because we not want to ever become intergrated. We aren't sick and don't need fixing.
We're survivors. We wouldn't have made it this far through life without one another and we're not going to abandon one
another now for integration or some other *version* of being 'correct' just because society may tell us it is the right thing to do.
We are plural, a family, and we have no intentiions of ever changing that.

Intergration in NO way equals wholeness or anything of the like.

We are: [f;f/f/m/f/f/f/f/S.Mfh], (b-A---/A+++), Cc, OF (r o++), I--

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